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Long-Haired German Shepherds

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The long-haired German Shepherd is a rare sight for many since the gene is recessive and is known to be a rare genetic advancement. Even two short-haired German Shepherds can produce long-haired offspring if the gene is present in their DNA.

While these rare long-haired dogs might be the result of genetics, they are becoming increasingly popular with dog owners. Some dog owners prefer a dog with fluffy long hair, and the long-haired German Shepherd does not disappoint. Their long coat can come in any color within the breed standard.

Physical Appearance

While their long coat makes them look unique, when compared to the standard short-hair German Shepherd, underneath all of that hair they are actually similar. They have the same facial features and body type. Male long-haired German Shepherds grow to the height of 24 to 26 inches and can weigh 66 to 88 pounds. Female long-haired German Shepherds are smaller in size when compared to the males and grow to the height of 22 to 24 inches and weigh 51 to 73 pounds at a healthy weight.


The visible difference remains the length and texture of the hair. Since the long-hair German Shepherd does not have an under coat like the standard short hair does, the actual hair appears to have a more luxurious sheen. 


"Dog owners will be impressed by the eagerness and obedience of the Long-haired German Shepherd." It is well known that the long-haired GSD has a better temperament compared to the standard German Shepherd. Although the standard GSD does not have a bad temperament, the long-haired has an even better one.

Another noticeable difference is the long-haired GSD prefers to be in constant contact with their human family. Therefore these dogs make excellent indoor dogs as long as they are exercised properly. They are playful and enjoy playing with toys and their family members. They are also extremely loyal to their human family. Their playful and protective nature makes them excellent playmates for children and even better babysitters.

Living Conditions

Since they also require emotional attachment to their owners, this is good news for apartment dwellers because you can enjoy the best of both worlds, having an indoor companion and guard dog as well as an exercise buddy. 

Dog owners will want to create a safe place indoors or outdoors for their long-haired German Shepherd to call his or her own. This will require a bed, toys and possibly a small gate that fits in the door way and will keep the dog in a specific room or space.

Dog owners can also choose to purchase or build a crate or a kennel that is large enough for an adult sized long-haired German Shepherd. 


You may wonder if this dog is suitable for you and your family.

First, keep in mind this dog needs plenty of human contact and attention from owner and family. If you are a busy single person that is hardly ever home, or you have a busy family that is always running off to attend activities on a daily basis, this may not be the best-suited dog for your lifestyle. However, if you are someone that needs a service dog or a loving and friendly companion that will enjoy regular jogging or running sessions... the long-haired German Shepherd will be a perfect match!

In addition to having a great companion to spend time with, you will also be protected while walking, running, hiking or jogging on those isolated outdoor trails. The secret is to make the dog apart of your family and involve him in the family's activities.

Those not familiar with German Shepherds sometimes believe the harsh myths they hear from popular televisions shows, rumors, or other peoples negative stories. However, German Shepherds are not aggressive. A well-socialized and trained long-haired German Shepherd is usually a family dog or companion dog that is very good with children. Although there have been reports of bites worldwide, it is usually due to lack of training by the owner or in related to a GSD protecting loved ones from harm or danger.

Long-haired German Shepherds are wonderful companions and family pets that will provide dog owners with many years of devotion and happiness.

About Us

Nestled near the winding Brazos River that flows through the heart of Central Texas, our family raises beautiful, healthy long-haired German Shepherds.  We are a family-based, kennel-friendly, hobby breeder.  Our German Shepherds play and mingle freely around our homestead with our children. Focusing our efforts on just one to two litters per year, enables us to give appropriate attention to each puppy and the mother. We desire to see our puppies with loving homes and families, not to breeding programs.

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